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Transforming physical spaces into highly intelligent digital assets

Nov 11

14:20 - 14:40


Resonai is an AI company in the domain of computer vision that is leading the way in transforming physical spaces into highly intelligent digital assets. We develop technology that not only creates a very accurate 3D twin of physical spaces but more importantly truly understands the space, can navigate it, applies logic and continuously learns. Vera is our Augmented Reality platform targeted at owners and operators of commercial real estate spaces. Vera makes it possible to develop new types of applications that utilize an intelligent understanding of the entire 3D space. These address critical challenges across the building lifecycle, from design and construction, to maintenance and operations. Example apps include indoor navigation and localization, mobile control of IoT devices, smart ticketing systems (that dramatically increase maintenance productivity by automatically localizing points of interest, retrieving maintenance history data, providing indoor navigation instructions to technicians and visualizing hidden systems such as pipes and wires in Augmented Reality), advanced analytics across the entire 3D space, and much more. In the talk I will share examples and learnings from deployment of Vera in different locations and use cases.


Founder and CEO , Resonai

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