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AR for eCommerce is the Most Relevant use of AR Today

May 26

10:50 AM - 11:10 AM


Augmented reality has been floating around for years with games that have taken the world by storm, promises of a digital world on top of the real one, talks of new forms of entertainment, and so much more. But, each of these applications has to date fallen short of providing real benefits to the world. AR in eCommerce, on the other hand, has been making a major impact on many companies' top line revenue. For the few companies that have bit the bullet on the high price tag to roll out wide-scale AR for their products, they have been pleasantly surprised at increased sales conversions, lowered return rates, and happier customers. Seek has been at the forefront of making this possible. With customers ranging from Walmart and Overstock to Nestle and Vans, Seek has emerged as the leader in helping brands implement AR for eCommerce. Through Seek's proprietary 3D pipelines, world-class web-based AR deployment technology, and award-winning Seek Studio that allows brands to manage their content, Seek has opened the door for brands large to small to begin seeing major impacts on their eCommerce business today.


Founder & CEO , Seek XR

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