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Wearable AR Glasses: History, Challenges, and a Breakthrough in MicroLED Display Technology (Ostendo)

May 29

09:40 AM - 10:00 AM


Despite herculean efforts from industry heavyweights, the promise of AR smartglasses with mass-market appeal has remained stubbornly out of reach. Key technology breakthroughs are needed in microdisplays and optics to enable bright, vivid content in an all-day-wearable size that doesn't obscure the real world. In this showcase, we'll start with a brief history of AR headsets, displays and optics. We'll explore some of the technology hurdles and tradeoffs, and describe a novel way of thinking about the problem. Then we'll reveal the first live demonstration of the QPI, the wearable display technology needed to unlock the massive economic potential of the next great wave of personal computing.


VP of Strategic Development , Ostendo Technologies

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