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More than a Simulation: How Mixed Reality Will Give Surgeons Superpowers

May 29

02:30 PM - 02:50 PM


Research has already shown that Virtual and Augmented Reality could be effective in several healthcare domains like patient engagement, medical training, and even telemedicine. But what if we could use Mixed Reality to augment a surgeon's performance -- enhance their eyesight, make them more efficient, and enable them to work flawlessly? The typical operating room contains several million dollars in computer-aided surgery (CAS) equipment, yet surgeons often avoid these systems due to their complexity, lack of precision, and radiation exposure. Surgeons have to take their eyes off patients and squint at 2D navigation displays, a distraction that slows them down and puts patients at risk. One minute in the operating room now costs nearly $1000, while revisions to spinal fusion surgeries alone cost $1 billion a year. Disruptive innovation happens slowly in the medical device industry, and in this era of spiraling costs hospitals urgently need new solutions to augment and scale surgical capabilities. At AWE 2020, Proprio CEO and Co-founder Gabriel Jones will discuss how computer vision, robotics, machine learning, and immersive interfaces are converging to transform one of the most complex professions, and how inter-disciplinary teams of game designers and robotics engineers are solving hard problems in healthcare.


CEO and Co-founder , Proprio

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