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Augmented Reality, Digital Intimacy, and the Future of Brands & Interaction

May 27

03:50 PM - 04:10 PM


In this presentation, I will explore the digital intimacy created by AR, and extrapolate how these new realities will change the way brands and consumer relate. We swim in the waters of digital connectivity, with discrete pieces of interaction or information floating around us; we pull at one or the other, or it bumps into us, startling us into noticing it. Currently that interaction primarily requires effort on our part: unlocking a phone, opening a browser tab, typing, looking at a screen. Augmented Reality / Spatial Computing is the catalyst for the next leap in user experience. With it overlaid onto our personal worlds, it will shape that digital water we swim in. There will soon come a point where navigating our world without AR overlay will seem as impossible as currently navigating without mobile phones would be. Once the connectivity and information moves to our faces having it woven throughout our day will become indispensable. The subject only becomes more complex with the addition of AI-driven digital humans - acting as both brand ambassadors, and our personal concierges. What is the impact this will have on human interaction? On how brands build relationships with consumers? On business strategy? Join me as I explore the future of what brand means in an immersive world.


CEO , Decahedralist Consulting

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