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Who Will Control the Future of Entertainment?

May 26

10:10 AM - 10:50 AM


With the proliferation of AI, AR, VR, and the increased consumer appetite for more experiential and personalized forms of entertainment, an inflection point for the entire media entertainment industry will be upon us sooner than later. How will the industry respond? In this session, entertainment execs will discuss where they see the future of entertainment heading. Questions to be addressed: -Will there be room for both the old-school and new-school versions of content creation (i.e. passive vs. interactive, communal vs personalized experiences, out-of-home vs in-home)? -If incorporating AI and Virtual Beings into future entertainment offerings, what are the psychological, ethical, and moral considerations that need to be made? -Will AI and a more personalized interactive form of entertainment undermine the writers and creators of classic entertainment? Who will control the content if it's user-driven? -How will AI affect IP? How will movie studios be able to monetize interactive, ever-changing virtual beings when each one means different things to different people based on their own personalized experiences with them?


SVP, VR at Sony Pictures Entertainment , Sony Corp.
Principal , StoryTech
SVP, Emerging Technology & Innovation Strategy , Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc
President , Arcadium
Futurist , Paramount

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