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Transforming the Pharma and Bio-Pharma Industries: AR for Complex Regulated Processes

May 29

01:40 PM - 02:00 PM


Everyone is talking about Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0. We will be presenting our proven approach to transform complex team processes from traditional approaches to a unique dynamic collaborative mixed device AR guided approach using the award winning OptiworX System. Transformation can be a challenge in itself to get today's workforce on the road to digital transformation using new technologies such as AR and smart devices, and the digitalization in industries with high regulatory requirements makes matters even more complex. Goodly Innovations was launched by AR and pharmaceutical technology experts with these specific requirements and the complex scenarios of large industrial production lines in mind. Manual processes on 24/7 industrial plants such as large scale filling and packaging lines can be complex and require teamwork and high precision. Not to mention regulatory requirements such as data integrity, documentation obligations, FDA requirements etc. Goodly’s collaborative OptiworX process guidance platform is a unique system designed to meet these challenges and integrate seamlessly into existing environments at various levels while keeping a focus on the individuals’ skills and needs. We will discuss challenges and present real-world use cases from many global pharmaceutical companies that are already using the system today.


CEO , Goodly Innovations

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