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Stereoscopic AR in WebXR

Nov 10

10:30 AM - 11:25 AM


Delivering content into ubiquitous consumer Augmented Reality headsets will require the least friction from users as possible. WebXR will make it easy for content creators to distribute AR experiences over the web that run in browsers on 2D Desktop and Touchscreens and 3D Glasses in 6DoF. This will create a competitive disruption for proprietary solutions when experiences run natively and can be built by the 12 million JavaScript developers in the world. This session will discuss navigating this paradigm shift in distribution, content development and the use cases stereoscopy adds value to. We will cover what types of AR content are better suited for websites instead of apps, including the public AR Cloud, Education and Entertainment Experiences, Retail, and Location-Based experiences.


Creator , The Polys - WebXR Awards
Co-Creator, Cause + Christi XR , Cause + Christi XR
Co-Founder , MetaVRse
Senior Director, Spatial Computing , Deutsche Telekom AG

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