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XR and Human Potential: The Next Chapter


With the increasing need to address the global wellbeing crisis, how does the flourishing of our VR/AR technologies enable the acceleration of human wellbeing and potential? We are witnessing the rise of augmented and virtual reality (VR/AR) technologies as a field ripe for positively impacting human wellbeing. The multiverse will link our digital, physical and transformative spaces, creating a world where deep tech can help create deep humans, who can then create more deep tech. This growing category of technologies present massive opportunities to address mental and emotional wellbeing, physical and social wellness and human performance and potential at a scale and depth previously unimaginable. The widespread adoption of a new technology, such as VR and AR, brings with it a vast landscape filled with opportunities for new category leaders to be created. Crossed with the mission of accelerating human wellbeing through the multiverse, we will continue to see the growth of deep technologies who can redefine the state of global wellbeing at scale.


Research Scientist, Omnicept AI , HP
Executive Director , Transformative Technology Lab
Co-Founder , Maloka
Co-Founder , Maloka

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