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Deploying Enterprise VR Training At Scale

Nov 11

02:35 PM - 03:00 PM


Virtual reality (VR) implementations greatly matured over the past few years and it's been able to transform the way people learn. Enterprises are now forced to adopt VR to provide the best training for their employees. To take full advantage of VR training, it needs to be connected to the rest of the organization and included in the employee’s daily learning experience. But taking VR from proof of concept to scale comes with challenges. Previously, enterprises only needed to focus on exploring the viability of VR. In order to deploy VR training at scale, they need to demonstrate its effect on the bottom line. You need a comprehensive method for tracking and measuring success within VR. The outcomes should be mapped against processes, objectives and compliance requirements. Then tied into existing legacy learning management systems. (LMS) This presentation will walk through the three stages of scaling VR training: implementation, measurement and distribution. The successful deployment of VR training will depend on support from stakeholders and solving real business challenges. This presentation will also take an in-depth look at our case study with a medium-sized power utility company in the US where we increased knowledge retention by 59% and compliance by 40%.


Founder & CEO , Cognitive3D

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