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Virtual Production: Augmenting the Future of Storytelling

Nov 10

02:45 PM - 03:40 PM


Virtual Production is a term that has become commonplace in the last 18 months. Covid-19 has forced filmmakers to reconsider their production methodologies while shows like Disney's The Mandalorian are leveraging new and familiar augmented technologies to produce impossible storytelling. From LED walled stages, and volumetric capture, to Virtual Beings and AI: Virtual Production is changing the landscape of content. We bring together Virtual Productions entrepreneurs who are moving the needle and building technologies that are paving the future of entertainment. What role are game engines playing in this future? What skills are needed to participate in this production revolution? And what is the overlap with the XR industry?


Director of Business Development , Pinscreen
Engineer/Technical Designer , Magnopus
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer , Glassbox Technologies
Chief Executive Officer , ARwall
Chief Operating Officer/Co-Founder , 4D Fun

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