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Super Medicine: How XR, AI, and Real-Time Volumetric Imaging Is Changing Surgery

Nov 10

01:15 PM - 01:40 PM


Technology has revolutionized entire industries. But despite advancements in computing, commerce, and connectivity, healthcare has lagged behind. To democratize the healthcare industry, address the impending shortage of skilled physicians, and reduce surgical error for improved patient outcomes, immersive and intelligent technologies must be integrated into the operating room. Discover how Proprio is collaborating with groundbreaking industry leaders at world-class medical centers like UCSF to democratize healthcare using XR, AI, and real-time volumetric imaging to recode and redesign the practice of medicine. The future of surgery is finally here. * Joint presentation with Dr. Rajiv Saigal


CEO and Co-founder , Proprio
Associate Professor in Res, Neurological Surgery , UCSF

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