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The Business of the Metaverse

Nov 9

11:20 AM - 12:15 PM


As we know, there has been a lot of recent chatter, while many may even call it “hype”, over the concept of the ‘Metaverse’. As with most emerging technologies, the biggest challenge is navigating through all this hype, filtering through the rogue companies and individuals that may seek to exploit others in the early stages, and identifying viable business models that could appropriately be built upon these technologies and become sustainable. Join us as we curated a group of technologists and entrepreneurs who have discovered early success with investors, earnings, and both community and public support in their companies that will hopefully serve as foundational models that will further contribute to the advancement of the Metaverse.


Founder/CEO , EndeavorVR
VP Product Marketing, Insights & Planning , Magic Leap
CEO & Co-Founder , NFT Oasis
Co-Vice Chair, New Media Council , Producers Guild of America

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