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Real Time 3D Changemakers: Solving the World’s Biggest Problems Through Tech


Despite the fact that humans have never been more connected, we still see divisiveness and rhetoric that separates us in tangible ways far exceeding physical distance. Join Unity's Vice President of Social Impact, Jessica Lindl, as she interviews three creators about how their work is changing the world for the better as they use real-time 3D to bring to life their dreams for a better future.

DressX‘s Co-Founder, Daria Shapovalova, will share how LA-based DressX creates digital fashion to reduce the carbon footprint of the fashion industry and has actually measured the real carbon reduction of their process.

Embodied Labs’ CEO and Founder Carrie Shaw will discuss how she's using VR to help caregivers. Virtual reality allows you the opportunity to step into someone else’s shoes–to deeply understand the lived experience of another person. Caregivers know what to expect, how to relate, and how to respond more clearly, support more confidently, and serve with greater purpose.


VP of Social Impact , Unity
CEO & Founder , Embodied Labs
Co-Founder , DressX
Head of Product Marketing and Business Development , Scatter

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