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The Evolving Role of Social Experiences in Location-Based VR/AR


While VR presents amazing opportunities for solitary experiences that can be fun and absorbing, we don’t generally seek out isolation when pursuing out-of-home entertainment. The shared emotions and memories we take away from successful social experiences in VR, whether communal, collaborative or competitive, can be extremely compelling and even cherished. With extensive experience in LBE (location-based entertainment), gaming, immersive experience design, technology development, user experience, and related financing, the panel will explore the growing importance being placed on immersive social experiences in the VR/AR-for-LBE space, for both shared-location and virtual group experiences. We’ll also discuss the affiliated technologies, platforms, and methods of user engagement, communication, and gamification that are fueling the most impactful LBE-VR/AR experiences.


SVP, U.S. Operations / Partner , HOLOGATE
CXO , Pendulum
VP of Business Development , Niantic Labs
Creative Director , The Void

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