World Builders: The How (and Why) of Building Virtual Worlds in the Metaverse

Jun 3

01:05 PM - 01:55 PM


There are many great, functioning examples of virtual environments in the Metaverse. And still there is not a clear reason WHY we are building and creating so frantically as if somehow, the Metaverse gates were about to close.

It's interesting that there are very good, affordable devices out there for consumers to get into The Metaverse, but usage data suggests that even hardcore amers aren't spending a long time in headset. With this panel, we will explore:
• The way that creators are thinking about the future of storytelling
• The psychology of The Metaverse - why will consumers care?
• Elevating the human experience
• How storytelling will evolve and the tools required to produce a different kind of narrative
• What is myth and what is real relative to The Metaverse


VP of Business Development , Niantic Labs
CEO & Co-Founder , Baobab Studios
Founder / CEO , Mach1
Innovator in Residence , UC Berkeley
Chief Revenue Officer , Evercast

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