A New Chapter in Brand Strategy: 10 Essential Questions for Metaverse-Ready Brand Guidelines


As Marty Neumeier so aptly describes, a brand is the “gut feeling” people have about your product/service. How do you ensure that your brand in the metaverse doesn’t give indigestion to your customer’s avatar?

The first step is re-examining your core brand assets so that they travel well. Whether or not you have technical teams engineering your immersive presence, brands with traditional agencies, brand managers and creative staff need to make sure the building blocks of brand are reevaluated, taking a new look at their brand strategy, customer profiles, success metrics, mission, vision, values, naming conventions, even color palette. The art and practice of building brands hasn’t changed, but there are new questions your guidelines need to answer.

Cynthia and Justin will walk you through what they believe are the first 10 Essential Questions, and how to uncover what your specific brand needs to evaluate.


Brand Experiences & Strategic Partnerships , Walmart
Head of 3D Creative Technology , Walmart

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