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First We Shape Our Tools and Then Our Tools Shape Us (Making the Metaverse)


It is argued that the metaverse isn’t here yet, but the tools and foundational technologies exist to create what we imagine the metaverse might one day be: an interconnected spatial web of mixed reality and fully digital worlds that are persistent, interoperable, and social, with rich economic structures and diverse cultures. On this panel, we’ll hear from some of the leading voices in this space, who are providing the tools, and technologies, or pushing the creative limits of what is possible in our mission to make the metaverse. We’ll talk about accessibility, challenges, design choices, tools, where we are on the timeline of making the metaverse, and where it’s all heading.


Cofounder & CEO , Ristband
Co-founder & Creative director , Patch XR
Digital and New Media Manager , Spinning Top Music

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