Transition from E-commerce to Virtual Commerce and How?


2D E-commerce websites will soon become 3D Virtual Stores, with Virtual avatars and Virtual Inventory. We, at, will be presenting our 3D Virtual Showroom Platform for E-commerce, which supports integrations with all major e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and others that will enable 1000’s e-commerce brands globally to create their own virtual store. Our Virtual store platform is supported with WebXR and content creation capabilities as well so that e-commerce brands can create personalized showroom experiences for their customers. Let us walk you through our journey of building an end-to-end, invite-only product for e-commerce that’s no-code and takes care of the entire workflow of content creation(3D), design, rendering and core tech, deployment, tracking, and maintenance in a single platform. We’ll present how its adoption is delivering returns on key business metrics, and how it can make the transition from a 2D website to a 3D Virtual Showroom easier.


Founder & CEO , Metadome

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