12 Step Program for Building the Metaverse

Jun 3

02:05 PM - 02:30 PM


There are no WIMPS (Windows Icons Mice Pointers Solo play) in the Metaverse. Instead, we all want to feel like Neo in The Matrix and think WHOAS. Rather than frame our content in windows and endless scrolling feeds we need to design Worlds for people to explore. Instead of clicking on button icons with mice, give people caves full of treasure they can interact with using Hands and Objects. Give people Avatars and Social collaborative play. Let’s not carry forward vestigial pancake monitor design practices to 3D worlds. Let’s not make the same mistakes we made in Web 2 when building Web 3. Whether you are building for Enterprise, Brands, or Games people need Metaverse native UX design. Join us for a deep dive into 12 new design principles for building the people centric Metaverse.


President , Xeodesign Inc

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