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The Tech Heard 'Round the World - Embracing the Future of XR

Jun 1

10:35 AM - 11:00 AM


Every day, engineers, architects, and creatives are building new XR experiences and devices. Together, we are building the future of XR, and our future looks bright. But as with any emerging technology there are challenges to be addressed. How do we ensure that every actor in this space embraces their obligation to create safe, respectful, and inclusive immersive spaces? How do we convey to the public, policymakers, and other stakeholders the tremendous promise of XR. And how do we express our commitment to addressing important challenges now and not sometime down the road? In order to move toward the widespread adoption of XR, it is critical that we tell the story of XR and the industry behind it. Whether providing examples of XR workforce training or demonstrating how XR is helping patients maximize their therapy and recovery, seeing is believing. We also must adopt and promote the best practices and standards-setting work that is already taking place across the industry, and build on those efforts. To have impact, we need the industry to tell the stories of XR. We need you all to strive toward standards of excellence. All of us must unite to chart the path to responsible development. Join the XR Association’s CEO Elizabeth Hyman to discuss the road ahead for the future of XR technology.


President and CEO , XR Association

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