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Business-Ready Industrial Metaverse – Scaling AR/VR for Enterprises

Jun 1

11:50 AM - 12:15 PM


No other topic took us by storm quite like the metaverse. Its ability to provide seamless, immersive digital experiences due to its always-on connectivity also offers substantial potential for industrial use. So how can we transfer this concept to the enterprise market? And how will AR/VR experiences become more scalable? Get insights in the enterprise perspective from Peter Verrillo (Enhatch) and Kurt Scheuringer (Lockheed Martin). Join Susanne Haspinger (Holo-Light) and Evan Helda (AWS) as they introduce a new cloud platform to create the Industrial Metaverse – enabling industrial AR/VR use cases that were not scalable or even possible before.


COO , Holo-Light
CEO , Enhatch
SR. Specialist Spatial Computing , Amazon Web Services

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