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It Takes a Village to Build the Metaverse

Jun 3

09:00 AM - 09:55 AM


Advances in XR technology raise important socio-technological issues – not the least of which is the potential for unprecedented insight into users’ behaviors, preferences, and mental processes. That said, however, the adoption of XR technology need not and should not be an “us (the consumer) versus them (the industry)” scenario. Instead, industry and civil rights advocates should work together to tackle privacy challenges and ensure we get forthcoming policies and best practices right. Because XR is still relatively nascent, we have the opportunity to avoid mistakes of the past and develop this technology with a more informed, cleared-eyed approach. The XR industry and XR users should be partners in this process. This panel will explore the ways in which the XR industry, civil society, policymakers, and other stakeholders can work together to advance the greater good. We will discuss the influence of civil society; the role of law and policymakers; the science behind XR technology and the challenges privacy by design presents to engineers; and the opportunity for industry to help lead the way.


Chief of Staff to Rep. Ro Khanna , U.S. House of Representatives
Director of Policy , U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Deputy Director and General Counsel , LGBT Technology Partnership & Institute
Reality Labs Policy Manager , Meta
Vice President of Public Policy , XR Association

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