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Volumetric Capture: The Human-Centric Approach to Augmented Reality

Jun 1

12:00 PM - 12:25 PM


Volumetric video technology captures full-body, dynamic human performance in four dimensions. An array of 100+ cameras point inward at a living entity (person, animal, group of people) and record their movement from every possible angle. Processed and compressed video data from each camera becomes a single 3D file – a digital twin of the exact performance that transpired on stage – for use on virtual platforms. Finished volcap assets are small enough to stream on mobile devices but deliver the visual quality detail of 100+ cameras, making them a go-to solution for bringing humans into the Metaverse. The volumetric video market is expected to grow from $1.5B USD in 2021 to $4.9B USD by 2026 as holographic imaging becomes increasingly crucial for the development of compelling, human-centric immersive content and Metaverse creators strive to solve the “uncanny valley” problem. The session dives into the latest and greatest applications of volcap in augmented reality across multiple sectors – including fashion, entertainment, AR marketing and branding, enterprise training, and more… We’ll examine the ground-breaking potential this technology holds for augmented and mixed reality as well as some of the challenges that may face this burgeoning industry.


Head of Production , Metastage
CEO & Founder , Departure Lounge Inc.

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