Use Cases for the Real World Metaverse (AR Cloud)

Jun 3

11:35 AM - 12:00 PM


The Open AR Cloud is working to democratize the AR Cloud with infrastructures based on open and interoperable technology. And we are building city-scale AR testbeds that are being experienced throughout cities around the world. These are real-world use cases that combine the digital with the physical–rich experiences that are synchronous, persistent, and geospatially tied to a specific location. Content in situ allows the user to explore the world, connect with others, and have a shared experience.

We will discuss new types of content activations based on proximity, gaze, voice, sensor data, and algorithmic spatial ads. Partners will present use cases such as wayfinding and NFT exhibits, as well as case studies that demonstrate how the technology is being used to build more diverse, equitable, and inclusive, real-world communities that raise awareness on important critical issues like climate change and public health.


CEO , XR Masters
Director of Spatial Experiences , UXXR Design
Founder , XR Masters
CEO, Creative Director , Novaby

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