A Renaissance for Free Space Combiners

Jun 3

03:05 PM - 03:30 PM


The prize of functional, lightweight, all-day wearable smartglasses remains as elusive as ever. The missing linchpin component is the optical combiner which must reconcile the conflicting requirements of see-through quality, display performance, light weight, efficiency, prescription, compatibility and aesthetics. In this talk I’ll describe META’s approach to AR optical combiners based on a free space architecture enabled by holographic optical elements. Combined with our ophthalmic compatible ARfusion lens casting technology, the result is a monolithic combiner that provides extraordinary optical efficiency, ophthalmic grade see-through clarity, and the prescription and aesthetic properties that opticians, consumers, and regulators expect from eyewear. I’ll present META’s One Stop Shop approach to individualization that circumvents many of the concerns around eyebox size and manufacturability.


CTO , META® Materials

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