AR Virtual Try-On: Strategies and Workflows to Succeed in the Revolution of 3D Commerce


The demand for immersive, 3D, augmented solutions from brands and retailers has never been stronger. Use cases span from advertising, connected packaging, e-commerce, learning, loyalty, storytelling, etc.

Against all odds, Covid has been the rocket-fuel that has propelled both the enterprise and customer demand for mobile-first immersive solutions in a way that was un-thinkable in 2019.

Panelists will try to unlock the truths, myths and short vs long term opportunities and strategies for brands and retailers that are selling goods over the internet to incorporate AR VTO into their customer experience journey with a clear focus at maximizing ROI and benefits.


Marketing Lead , artlabs
Principal GTM Specialist | Spatial Computing , AWS
Head of Open Innovation , Farfetch UK Limited
XR Strategy and Partnerships Consultant , MDXR Strategy Consulting

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