Meaning and Purpose: The Keys to Building the Metaverse

Oct 21

11:05 - 11:55


In the race to build the Metaverse, there are a plethora of ways in which content makers, technophiles, brands and consumers are rising to the challenge. For Nexus Studios the north star is creating story-driven experiences with emotional depth, while AR giant Niantic has been developing the tools and pathways to enable XR mass-adoption, and The Mill has long been exploring what it means to interact in real time with virtual worlds. Our overlapping learnings show that there are some crucial ingredients needed to accomplishing meaning. Join Deborah Casswell, Jen Haugan, Sarah Burslem and Samira Abdelmalek in conversation as they reveal the projects and practices that explore the promise of a long-lasting and purposeful Metaverse.


Executive Creative Director , Nexus Studios
Senior Producer , The Mill
Creative Technologist , Nexus Studios
CEO and Founder , Didimo
Director of Business Development EMEA , Niantic Labs

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