The Augmented Conversation

Oct 20

17:35 - 18:00


Doug Engelbert expressed the idea of augmenting human intellect, not just for individuals, but as a collaborative experience. We have been working on Croquet, with the goal of creating a foundation that would enable such an augmentation of our ability to create, explore, understand and solve problems collaboratively. We define the augmented conversation as follows:
1 - A discussion within a group of users that is extraordinarily enhanced with the kinds of tools and capabilities that are only available with a computer.
2 - A computer AI is a full participant in this conversation. It allows us to jointly discuss and explore complex systems, data sets, and simulations as naturally and easily as we engage today.
3 - There is a guarantee of shared truth. The simulation I see must be the exact same as what you see. Anything I do to affect the shared simulation must also be accurately shared. If this is not the case, then there is no guarantee that what you see and understand is the same as for me, so you are unable to trust that communication channel.
In the very near future, the virtual objects that will soon populate our world must be as responsive and alive as a physical object. There won't be a physical reality and a virtual or augmented reality. Soon, there will only be a seamless, multi-user reality.


CTO, Founder , Croquet

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