Accessibility/5G in Europe

Oct 21

09:40 - 10:05


With new technologies come new opportunities & challenges. This is no different for emerging technologies, 5G is one of the basic requirements to make the most of its many applications. Without a stable and solid data connection, 5G preferably, we are lost. Unlike other continents, Europe is not as connected as one might think. In large parts of Europe, people do not even have a stable Internet connection, let alone 5G technology.

What does this mean for the European market, for overall accessibility, its workforce, education, the XR ecosystem, hardware and software development? All domains that work with these emerging technologies, or even depend on them today and going forward.
Does Europe, its population, the European XR ecosystem really experience the difference with other continents/places where 5G is embedded and not only in the industry, in companies but even among the general public as well?

What are the consequences from the lack of accessibility? How are industries, businesses dealing with this lack daily? Unknown is unloved by the public, but how much are we falling behind in Europe because of that? Do we still have the ability to compete on a global scale?

A topic that - in today's world - is more relevant than ever, or at least should be!? Our panel members share their insights, each from their own experience and expertise. We're opening the discussion in the hope to inspire the people needed to defend Europe's position, to defend its interests on the world stage.


CEO , WeAR Studio
CEO & Founder , MIAT
Director | President , Euromersive | Federation of EU XR Professionals

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