Reality Check - A Deep Dive into Your Privacy in XR

Jun 2

11:45 AM - 12:40 PM


Extended reality (XR) environments are made possible by multiple sensors and technical processes acting in concert to process a diverse array of data about the user and their surrounding environment. These data flows power the functions that enable immersive experiences, but can raise privacy and data protection concerns for both users and bystanders. In this presentation, we will analyze:

1. What these data flows look like and identity where privacy issues may emerge, such as how applications of artificial intelligence (AI), including generative AI, can contribute to these challenges by enabling manipulation and inferences about sensitive user information; and

2. Draw attention to how existing and future privacy and data protection laws may interact with XR technologies.

To help the audience understand these privacy issues, we will make use of a new FPF infographic that visualizes the kinds of sensors, data types, data processing, and transfers that can enable use cases that XR may support.


Counsel , Atlantic Council
Policy Counsel , Future of Privacy Forum

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