Taking Legacy IP into the Metaverse with Survios


In this exciting panel we will be talking to the game legends, Survios, about how they collaborated with Qualcomm and T-Mobile to develop the next generation of AR gaming with the Puzzle Bobble game.

We will explore how Survios utilized the Snapdragon Spaces platform to develop and deliver an outstanding demo of Puzzle Bobble. What game mechanics were used and how the platform was utilized. What considerations made this IP attractive for developing on the Snapdragon Spaces platform.

We will hear from an expert from Qualcomm on the features of the Snapdragon Spaces platform that were used.

We will also hear from T-Mobile’s XR lead, Cerilenne Menendez Mendoza about how connectivity and the T-mobile network has powered this 5G XR game.


Founder , SAM Immersive
Director, Business Development , Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
XR Lead , T-Mobile
Co-Founder & CTO , Survios

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