Metaverse Melodies: A Live XR Pitch Battle for the Next VR Musical Sensation

May 31

05:00 PM - 05:55 PM


Welcome to Metaverse Melodies, a groundbreaking live pitch competition where three teams pitch their musical creation to a panel of producers as they vie for the chance to bring their productions to life in virtual reality. In this high-stakes, high-energy session, witness the future of Broadway and live entertainment as it unfolds in the metaverse. The winner will receive the ultimate prize: a full-scale production of their show in virtual reality.. Be part of this pioneering journey that shatters traditional barriers and creates a more inclusive and accessible world of theater, where artists, producers, and crew members come together to build a thriving, equitable ecosystem.

Don't miss out on the chance to witness the birth of the next generation of Broadway and live entertainment, where creativity knows no bounds, and technology takes center stage. Come and be inspired by the rich, diverse stories that will captivate audiences and elevate humanity, both on and beyond the virtual stage.


CEO & Co-Founder , Apples and Oranges
Co-Founder , Apples and Oranges
Film, Theatre & XR Producer , Apples and Oranges

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