Beyond Sight & Sound: Multisensory Experiences for Consumer Engagement


In the multisensory virtual experience, the interplay of sight, sound, and touch simulation can enhance our sense of immersion, embodiment, and delight. How far away are we from achieving that? How can we integrate visual, audio, and haptic interfaces to create more compelling experiences? How can we use these tools today to facilitate genuine connection and communication – and what advances do we want to watch out for?

Our panelists will share learnings and observations from their research and development work to exceed the expectations of customers who want new, tactile experiences and unique personal environments. Join us to explore how multisensory experiences might affect the ways in which we create our real (and virtual) spaces.


Director of Marketing , HaptX
Founder, Chief Scientist , All These Worlds, LLC
CEO & Co-Founder , Ultraleap
Enterprise XR Program Manager , Creator
Sr. Creative Technologist , Lowe's

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