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Translating Humans for Machines: New Textures of Understanding Made Possible with a Brain-Computer Interface

May 30

03:00 PM - 03:30 PM


Many people think of brain computer interfaces (BCIs) as devices that provide sci-fi superpowers like telekinesis or "The Force." BCIs do not confer psychic powers; they are systems that allow computers to understand the human mind. Obtaining information about an individual's cognitive state is difficult and often subjective. However, imagine if we had direct, quantified, and objective measures of an individual's cognitive state. At Neurable, we do just that. We create BCIs this way both so that people can control next-generation interfaces but also so that we can build experiences that understand and react to an individual, a future with affective computing. This same information can also be used to add new layers of understanding to training applications, educational programs, wellness efforts, and more.


CEO , Neurable

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