Discover Enhanced AR Indoor Navigation with aryve

Oct 24

14:00 - 14:25


The ability to effectively and efficiently interact with and understand indoor spaces creates opportunities and significantly benefits industries that rely on indoor navigation, such as retail, hospitality and healthcare. Aryve is an advanced solution from svarmony that provides users with an innovative approach to the challenges of indoor navigation. Unlike traditional navigation methods such as GPS, aryve integrates state-of-the-art Visual Positioning Systems (VPS) that enable precise indoor positioning and orientation.

In his presentation, Sascha Kiener, CEO of svarmony, will go into detail about the critical technology behind aryve and the opportunities it creates to bring about change in various industries. By seamlessly connecting the physical and digital worlds, aryve offers a new “navigation experience.” From assisting visitors in large shopping malls to improving patient navigation in complex hospital structures, the tool demonstrates a wide range of applications.

As adoption of the technology increases, companies have the opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors by providing AR in-vehicle navigation. In addition, new revenue streams can emerge through partnerships, data monetization and personalized advertising.

The presentation highlights the potential of aryve and what benefits it provides to those who adopt the technology. Through the use of VPS systems and augmented reality, indoor navigation is on the verge of a significant redesign that promises improved user experiences and new business opportunities across various industries.


Founder & Owner , svarmony Technologies Inc.

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