Adaptive AI in Healthcare – Leveraging Hyper-Realistic AI Consulting Physicians to Scale Complex Procedural Training

Oct 25

13:35 - 14:00


For one of the clients, a global leader in MedTech, Lucid Reality Labs has developed a range of complex scenario-based immersive experiences to enhance the excellence of its products and services. In collaboration with healthcare experts in this endeavor, an AI-driven medical expert was explicitly designed to elevate one of the training solutions for surgeons to the next level.

As the AI-powered medical assistant of a prominent and globally recognized professor, this advancement not only achieves an impressive visual likeness but also encompasses ongoing work on voice cloning and enriching the knowledge base. The AI expert meticulously monitors each action learners take, providing immediate guidance and answers to questions, empowering learners to progress at their own pace. To further enhance the learning experience, our AI assistant has been imbued with a distinctive 'personality,' offering support on both general and professional levels, incorporating professional humor and anecdotes. Emulating a renowned Swiss physician and expert in anesthesiology and prehospital emergency medicine, Lucid Reality Labs' Assistant ensures a reliable and trustworthy learning journey.


Founder & CEO , Lucid Reality Labs

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