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Augmented Reality: Job Substitute or Job Source?

May 29

10:00 AM - 10:30 AM


There is growing concern that new technologies such as AI and ML could cause an avalanche of job losses across industries and replace the worker completely - but is this entirely accurate? Let us show you how you can adapt your business to work alongside new technology by transforming media panic into sensible preparations for AR in the workforce. Our experience shows that AR will undoubtedly change the workplace, but rather than a rise of the machines, our customers are experiencing significant job growth rather than job losses. This talk will shine the light on how AR enriches, rather than replaces, the workforce to enhance and create jobs. It is common fact that, AR empowers people to perform tasks more efficiently, quicker and with less errors. In times where skilled workers for offshore or repeatable tasks are rare, AR also enables enterprises to reskill and upskill new and existing employees, enabling them to perform tasks outside their area of expertise in an enjoyable and user-friendly way.



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