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WebAR: Bridging the physical and Digital World

May 30

02:30 PM - 03:00 PM


Most software developers today have “mobile-first” tattooed somewhere on their bodies because we humans currently explore our world primarily through portable devices. While the internet has caught up with this behavior, the physical world has not. Streets signs, airports, and TVs could all do a better job delivering mobile and digital moments. Geenee helps mobile devices see the world around them through lightweight and robust image recognition that triggers contextual content at the moment of relevancy, from ticket sales and film trailers to augmented reality stories and storefronts. Geenee provides rich mobile results through a scalable, web-based platform with no downloaded app required. We’re working to make accessing contextual content directly from the world around you easy, rewarding, and meaningful.


Chief Creative Officer , Seek XR
CEO , LayA|R

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