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From the promise of spatial computing to actual delivery of real solutions

May 31

02:30 PM - 03:00 PM


Spatial computing devices will transform how we understand and approach spatial problems across countless business practices. That’s certainly the promise that brings us all here, yet how do we tap that transformation in these early days with today’s devices in cost effective ways? I’d like to share our learnings of where to find those gems and how we’re navigating today’s myriad barriers to deliver on those gems. Five years in the trenches developing dozens of XR apps has revealed powerful patterns that have become the underpinnings of our holistic enterprise platform. The goal of the platform is to deliver what’s possible today while rapidly layering in new capabilities as new services and devices emerge. The platform approach makes it possible to rapidly and efficiently embrace new benefits over time without disrupting processes. Those benefits include fewer injuries, faster design iterations, reduced rework, less travel, faster comprehension, deeper insights, more impactful sales, and longer knowledge retention.


Partner / Co-founder , Object Theory

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