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Rise of XR : Addressing Security Concerns

Oct 17

10:30 - 11:00


With 200 million active users and over $20 billion expected market investments by 2020, Virtual Reality (VR) is inevitably making its way into the consumer market. With the rise of technologies like VR, Augmented Reality (AR) and mixed Reality (MR), collectively known as XR, researchers are expressing concerns about the safety, privacy, ethics and security. Kavya Pearlman, Co-founder of the XR Safety Initiative is working with such researchers to stay ahead of the bad actors, and help establish security and safety standards for XR technologies. XRSI is conducting research, spreading awareness and building information security and policy framework to address concerning in emerging technologies such as XR. The Talk will walk the audience thru the following: -What are the potential threats in XR -Why should we care about XR Safety -Who all should be concerns Additionally Pearlman would share high level overview of some recently discovered "novel" cyber attacks in various VR apps and platforms, to demonstrate how XR technologies are absolutely susceptible to hacking and manipulation. Finally the closing of the talk with -How can any XR stakeholder get involved and make a positive impact via XRSI.


Founder / Security Researcher , XR Safety Initiative
Co-Founder , XR Safety Initiative

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