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Moving the Needle Towards XR Mass-Adoption with Location-Based VR

Oct 18

11:00 - 11:30


Around the world existing destinations like theme parks, malls, and retail spaces have begun to harness the power of XR to reimagine their locations for immersive experiences, and to unlock new streams of revenue. This panel will discuss two different types of location-based entertainment (LBE) experiences that are moving the needle towards XR mass-adoption by putting millions of people through their experiences, and creating opportunities for existing locations to monetize their real estate in new ways. Thomas Wagner, Founder and CEO of VR Coaster, will share his insights from their groundbreaking collaboration with Europapark, Germany’s largest theme park, reimagining the park as a destination for immersive VR entertainment, and introducing free-roam and roller-coaster VR to their legions of loyal park visitors. Frédéric Lecompte, Founder and CEO of Backlight, and the creators of Eclipse, France’s first 4D multiplayer hyper-reality game, will join the discussion to share their learnings from building and traveling with Eclipse around the world as a portable LBE experience. The award-winning Eclipse adventure takes two teams of 2 players (4 total players) into a 40 minute space mission to rescue a crew from a sister spaceship, and to return them back to the mothership in time. We will deep-dive into lessons learned and best practices from Europe's leading LBE companies, and present key takeaways for anyone watching the explosive growth of LBE VR over the past few years.


CEO , SpatialFirst
Co Founder , Backlight
Co-Founder and CEO , VR Coaster

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