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The Next Phase of AR display: Moving to 3D Holography

May 30

10:00 AM - 10:30 AM


AR has shown great promise to date but what is holding it back from mass adoption? Holography has long been considered the ultimate display technology. The science fiction ideal of engineering and manipulating light to produce 3D projections appealed to the imagination of millions through franchises such as Star Wars or Star Trek. While physically possible, the tremendous computing requirements to create full-depth holographic display made it unreachable for commercial applications. Until now. We will look at the solutions required for the mass adoption of AR/MR - holographic display and associated technical advances that make holography a commercially viable solution. We will show why and how holography solves for a crucial problem of today’s AR/VR/MR - the lack of depth perception, which results in the vergence-accommodation conflict and simulation sickness (eye-fatigue and nausea). We will discuss how holographic display overcomes these issues and - most importantly - paves the way for immersive 3D without the near-eye display, expanding the horizon of AR/MR today beyond headsets and smart glasses.


CEO & Co- founder , Vivid-Q

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