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Build a Cloud-Connected AR App in 15 Minutes or Less

Nov 11

16:20 - 17:00


In this tutorial participants will learn how to create an AR app with a fully-functioning cloud-backend in less than 15 minutes. Participants will see how to generate native apps for Android with ARCore, iOs with ARKit, HoloLens & MagicLeap with Unity, and web browsers with WebXR and AR.js, all connected to the same cloud. Participants will learn how to change AR content across all platforms simultaneously through the cloud, with no coding, and no rebuilding the apps. Participants will show how a small change in one cloud-connected app, can send updates to all other apps across the different AR SDKs & platforms. Participants are encouraged to either bring their laptops with Unity installed, bring an AR-enabled mobile device, or can follow along the live demonstration.


CEO , EchoAR

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