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Scaling AR

Nov 11

17:00 - 17:30


Scalability is everything in business. If you can only target a small audience, then your idea may not succeed. But if your idea is applicable, accessible and intriguing to everyone it can flourish beautifully.  The problem is that scaling technology can be complex, and it’s even harder when it comes to AR. Many developers struggle to create scalable and dynamic apps. It seems that most of today’s AR apps are single-user experiences with static and hard-to-update content. Any change in the app results in endless development cycles while costing money and time building and maintaining their app. The goal of this talk is the show how anyone can easily have a strong scalable cross-platform backend for their AR/VR apps without compromising on quality or speed. Participants will learn how to create real-time apps for ARCore, ARKit, WebXR, Vuforia, Unity, and more, all connected to the same cloud.


CEO , EchoAR
CTO , echoAR

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