Introduction to MRTK and HoloLens 2 Development

Learn to Develop Augmented Reality Business Solutions for Microsoft’s Hololens 2

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Basic developer experience suggested - but not required.
Must have access to Unity and a strong enough PC to build.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to utilize the magic of head-mounted AR and hand-tracked user interfaces via the Hololens 2 to place holograms in physical space and store/retrieve their locations from the Azure World Anchors service.

  • Become familiar with the mixed reality toolkit (MRTK), design fundamentals and core workflows for this flagship device.

  • How to create a magical window that looks out onto any location in the world, as well as an application that transforms any room into a virtual jungle full of plants, animals and adventure.

  • Insider tips that Circuit Stream uses to build applications for mass deployment for Fortune 500 companies with thousands of employees

Course Takeaways & Goals

  • How to set up a basic MRTK project and deploy an executable to a Hololens 2

  • How to implement standard MRTK UI controls and spatial mesh visualization

  • Best practices behind MRTK visual style and UX behaviors

  • The relationship between virtual and physical coordinate spaces

  • How to create custom holograms that are anchored to the user or the physical space, then connect to the Azure World Anchors service and retrieve anchor data at a given location

  • How to display holograms at appropriate locations based on data from the Azure World Anchors Service

  • Hand tracking basics: understanding the basis of hand interfaces; crafting interactions with direct manipulation, hand rays and more

Unmatched Instructors & Resources

Circuit Stream offers a full platform of AR/VR training, learning, and software services to help you master immersive technology - and now they’re bringing their expertise to the AWE Academy.

Established in 2015, Circuit Stream has helped over 25,000 people learn to design and develop virtual reality and augmented reality applications.

Organizations including Lockheed Martin, the US Navy, Boeing, VMWare, Global Foundries, Koch Industries, SNC Lavalin, BNBuilders, Dell, Raytheon, MSA Safety Company, Deloitte, Viaset, Hershey, the University of California Davis, the University of Victoria, New York University and more rely on Circuit Stream's AR/VR Learning and Training Platform.

  • Taught by the XR education experts at Circuit Stream, plus renowned guest speakers

  • Network of AWE’s experts and actionable resources to get started on your Hololens 2 Development journey

  • Courtesy of our data partner ARtillery Intelligence, class members get a free two-week subscription to ARtillery Pro ($1,200 annual value). You will receive curated content specifically geared towards your course and also have access to their entire knowledge vault packed with data and spatial insights to support your continuing education.

Who Should Take this Workshop?

All enterprise organizations, but especially those in:

  • Manufacturing

  • Aviation/Automotive

  • Independent developers and studios specializing in crafting XR training solutions

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