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With innovative 3D- and Augmented Reality software solutions, we guide companies into the future. We help to implement AR applications and new technologies in the most efficient and productive way possible. Individual Solutions During a joint workshop we define individual potential for an AR use case. Together with our clients, we will come up with a concept, develop a prototype, evaluate use cases and guide through the implementation of optimized software solutions. 3D and Augmented Reality Apps Use VISCOPIC Pins to create Augmented Reality content in the areas of production, maintenance, installation or training. With AR, the right information will be pinpointed at the right time onto the real object. AR content can easily and quickly be created without any programming skills. With VISCOPIC Steps you can quickly create interactive 3D training content or 3D animations with existing 3D data (e.g. CAD data*). This content can be used as a working or training manual for employees in production, maintenance, or installation. Processes of mechanical activities can therefore be learned location- as well as time-independently, without real machines or facilities. With VISCOPIC Polygons Data intensive 3D models can be optimized on a high-performing computer and then be transferred in real-time via WIFI onto smart glasses like the HoloLens, in just one mouse click. Since the program automatically reduces components which are very small and visually not relevant as well as invisible components, 3D CAD models can be optimized in a simple and easy way.