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Immersive Entertainment Solutions HOLOGATE creates multi-user immersive media platforms for location based entertainment that easily integrate with venues like family entertainment centres, laser tag bowling or cinemas The HOLOGATE solutions easily integrate with existing public venues that want to upgrade with the latest cutting-edge VR tech. Spectator screens serve as a window into the virtual world and interactive LED lighting sets the right mood. Crowds and waiting lines are guaranteed. 100% ACTIVE GAMING Playing in the HOLOGATE is active and physically engaging. Our game slots are timed for a 10 minute gameplay, the ideal and most preffered time for a multiplayer experience. 0% MOTION SICKNESS High-end VR headsets, premium content and our core technology guarantee the best virtual reality experience available. No customer will go home feeling sick or dizzy. With a hassle-free and self-explanatory interface multiple HOLOGATE setups can be operated by a single attendant. Quick user login and an extensive backend solution allow great flexibility and ease of use. Custom integrations and customizations are available on demand.