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The idea for connect began mid-2014. The unrelenting developments of the previous years and the takeover of WhatsApp by Facebook implied to Michael M. Schoeggl, the founder of, that messenger services and social networks were turning more and more into personal data collectors. A look back at history shows that this type of development is not entirely harmless – this transparency makes people easy to manipulate and vulnerable. This results in a dilemma for many: if you are not prepared to share your personal information you cannot use the largest messenger services or benefit from the advantages of social networks. The solution to the problem was easy to find: a multi-messenger service linked to other social networks which allows the user to reach all their friends from the very beginning and which will be, with time, so successful that it will unite a wide band of users in an independent, encrypted messenger service – one word: „connect“. Spurred on by the vision of a social network including a multi-messenger feature with data protection Michael M. Schoeggl founded the start up company ”” in May 2015. With increasing numbers of new employees and outsourcing contractors it became possible to include more innovative ideas and special features, including the numerous ways to individualize and personalize the innovative, easy to operate new user interface – through the virtual reality representation. It also includes a comprehensive platform for linking connect with external content from other media sources, business partners or even the users themselves.