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NuCurrent was founded out of a graduate-student project at Northwestern University that focused on powering implanted neurostimulation devices wirelessly. From 2009-2013, NuCurrent focused exclusively on wireless power for implanted medical devices. We were challenged to develop a new type of antenna technology to deal with complex issues like transmitting power through inconsistent human tissue, Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) limits, tissue heating, implant variability, and significant size restrictions. These challenging constraints led to the development of our patented MLMT technology, which provides higher Q in smaller spaces to yield greater efficiency, faster charge speeds, lower heat and unbeatable form factors. Moving beyond medical implants in 2013, NuCurrent has developed multiple breakthroughs in wireless power systems, components and integration processes. Today, we supply our NuIQTM Technology Platform and wireless power solutions worldwide with unmatched speed, certainty and performance.